Putin humiliated as Ukraine blows up Russian tanker in giant fireball

Ukrainian Bradley damages a Russian IFV

Russia has suffered the loss of an armoured vehicle during an attempt to take Ukrainian positions. The assault was beaten back with the help of a US-donated Bradley that scored hits on the Russian IFV. A video released by Ukraine’s 47th Mechanized Brigade captured the firefight and the conclusion.

In the end, the stricken Russian vehicle was finished off with the use of a kamikaze attack drone that was flown behind the IFV before striking with deadly accuracy.

The footage has yet to be geo-located nor has the number of casualties on the other side been released.

Both Ukraine and Russia continue to see losses in men and equipment mount amid dogged fighting along the frontline in Donbas.

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Several attempted drone attacks have been reported by both Russia and Ukraine in the last few days. Ukraine’s air force announced on Saturday, December 16 that its air defence intercepted 30 of 31 drones launched overnight across 11 regions.

Meanwhile, Russia claimed to have foiled Ukrainian drone attacks, destroying 32 drones over the Crimean Peninsula with anti-aircraft units. Six drones were reportedly shot down by Russia in the Kursk region, which borders Ukraine.

The Russia-installed governor of the southern Kherson region reported that anti-aircraft units had downed at least 15 aerial targets, while a later Ukrainian missile attack in the region reportedly resulted in two deaths.

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Meanwhile, leaders of the European Union attempted to downplay their inability to provide Ukraine with the promised 50 billion euros over the next four years. They suggested that the funds would be delivered next month after further talks between the EU’s 26 other leaders and Hungary’s previously resistant Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Rather than focusing on the financial aspect, EU leaders urged Ukraine to take pride in receiving approval to begin membership talks, a development that could drastically alter its future.

However, the membership process may take much longer than a decade and will face numerous obstacles posed by individual member states.

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