Penny Mordaunt rips into SNP as sad spent force in brutal Commons takedown

Penny Mordaunt brands SNP 'sad spent force'

Penny Mordaunt branded the SNP a “sad spent force” in a brutal takedown in the Commons.

The Commons Leader ripped into the nationalist party in response to SNP Commons Leader Deidre Brock who raised her visits north of the border over the summer.

Ms Brock said during business questions: “The Leader of the House called me delusional when I pointed out to her previously Scotland’s faster economic growth, lower unemployment and lower rates of child poverty than the rest of the UK, when I told her that not a single day in the Scottish NHS has been lost to industrial dispute, and that we have the best-paid teachers in the UK.

“So can I ask her the next time she comes back from a day trip to Scotland, can we have a debate on what she learned from us?”

Ms Mordaunt, who spoke at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last month, replied: “Well I have genuinely missed these exchanges where she blames everyone else except the Scottish Government which is one of the most powerful devolved administrations in this world.

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“But she invites me to tell this House what I’ve learned in my very pleasant trips to Scotland over the summer.

“I did learn that Scotland has slower economic growth than England.

“I was shocked to learn that Victorian diseases have actually returned to certain cities in Scotland such as rickets.

“That Glasgow’s rat problem is now so bad, it is precluding binmen actually accessing certain streets because it’s too dangerous for them.

“I discovered that the bill to Scottish taxpayers of the smelting business debacle stands at £32 million.

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“I discovered that £33 million that was ringfenced for Scottish farmers has gone Awol.

“I also learnt that the Scottish auditors have only been able to give a qualified sign off to the SNP’s accounts.

“I toured other parts of the UK as well, in Manchester I discovered that Manchester Police have been forced to issue a crime reference number following a complaint about the SNP giving constituency seats for cash.

“I also note that the Scottish programme for government announced this week has a billion-pound black hole.”

The senior Conservative MP accused Ms Brock of seeking to “everyone else for this situation”.

Accusing the SNP of being “never short of a grievance”, she added: “It is now running out of excuses.”

Ms Mordaunt went on: “I look forward to next week what those excuses might be, the execution of Mary Queen of Scots, the Highland Clearances, the 100 Years War.

“The grotesque chaos and appalling public services her constituents are suffering from and the rest of the Scottish people are entirely down to the SNP alone.

“They are now a sad, spent force and no longer the UK separatist party.

“That dubious honour now goes to the Labour Party in Wales.”

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