Cat owner re-watches pet camera and now can never leave home after discovery

A cat owner who was heartbroken at what her pet camera caught while she was out of the house has revealed it's "still going on".

Ida Myrin left her cat Isola alone for just 30 minutes at her home in Varmland, Sweden.

But, when she watched back her home CCTV, she decided she could never leave again.

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The clip showed Isola patrolling the hallway trying to find his owner with a lead in his mouth.

He then starts meowing, with hundreds of Reddit viewers claiming it was a "form of crying".

The footage went viral after being captioned: "Left my cat alone with a camera for 30 minutes and now I can never leave again."

And it appears the cute kitty is still not over being left home alone.

Ida has since posted another clip to Reddit showing Isola walking into a room with the lead in his mouth.

This time, it appears his owner is home as the camera follows him moving.

The clip received dozens of upvotes and viewers were quick to leave comments.

"So cute, I wouldn't be able to do anything until I gave him/her whatever was wanted," one wrote.

"Our cats are so quiet, but the baby whines if there's a fly in the house he can't reach (and anytime we tell him no, of course)."

Another commented: "Oh God, totally cute, what a heart melter. Looks really similar to my boy who went missing. Please give him/her the walks."

Ida previously told Daily Star she thought the scenes were "pretty cute at first" but when she noticed he wasn't stopping, "it just felt sad".

“He talks a lot with that ‘whiny’ and sad voice and tone so it's hard to tell [if he’s crying]," she added.

“But he also hates being alone though, so maybe he is crying.”

She added that Isola “seemed so lonely and restless”.

“It felt like we never could leave him alone again,” Ida added.

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