Furious parents confront naked man running around shop trying to touch kids

A shocking video has captured the moment parents confronted a 'naked' man who was caught on camera running around a department store in the US.

The nude pervert was allegedly attempting to inappropriately touch children at a JCPenney store in Tukwila, Seattle, Washington on October 1. Furious parents confronted the bloke and accused him of attempting to molest children in the store.

In the video, which was uploaded to social media by an account named 'Clown World', the man was seen running away from shoppers in just his socks, with people trying to apprehend him. But he managed to evade capture for a while.

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The person recording the clip explained that they're on the first floor of the kids' section and suggested that the unidentified man was trying to touch two kids that he had with him in the store.

"He's like, holding the kid," the recorder claims, before asking where the cops were. The bloke disappeared behind a pole for a moment before being seen grabbing a pair of trousers from the store and trying to put them on.

A vigilante in a black hat then decides to throw punches at the accused pervert, who fights him off. Two other people eventually grab him to get him under control. Once he was held down, the man in the black hat throws an additional punch at him.

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Someone is heard in the background shouting: "C'mon, let's get him!" But as he throws further punches and swings violently, people were heard warning: "Okay, enough. Enough."

Tukwila Police reportedly described the naked man as "someone in mental crisis" and that he was to be detained and taken to hospital. JCPenney have been contacted by the Daily Star for a comment.

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