Im a nuclear expert – heres why Putins super weapon isnt useless

Vladimir Putin’s new nuclear-powered cruise missiles, branded his “super weapons”, are not a radical improvement on the arsenal already at the disposal of the Russian leader.

However, an expert has claimed that the new technology may give the Kremlin valuable political leverage in the ongoing war with Ukraine.

Earlier in October, Putin said that Russia had conducted a successful test of the new 9M730 Burevestnik missile.

The missile was one of six weapons Moscow revealed in 2018 that it was developing.

Despite failed tests between 2017 and 2019, the Russian leader now says the weapon works.

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According to a nuclear weapons expert that spoke to Insider, the Burevestnik does not constitute a major upgrade in Russia’s military capability.

Pavel Podvig said: “It doesn’t offer any advantages over the existing strategic systems.

“Assuming that it works as advertised, it’s just a very long-range cruise missile.”

The expert added that the motivations behind the missile are more-than-likely political.

He explained: “It’s one of those kinds of politics projects basically created to make the president happy.”

Podvig said that the weapon allows Putin to say to the world that he has a unique means of inflicting damage.

It therefore could prove a useful negotiating tool if Russia finds itself sat around the table with the West.

But he posted on X, formerly Twitter: “With Burevestnik in the news, let me say it again — the utility of this weapon system (assuming it works) is about zero”.

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