Live parasitic worm found wriggling in horrified womans supermarket salmon

Video of a live worm wriggling about inside a box of packaged salmon has been posted to TikTok by a woman who claims she nearly bought the goods.

The user, named Rachel Lyn, with the username @msrachellyn, said she picked up the fish in Costco before deciding to "immediately put it back" after seeing the specimen.

In her short clip, which has caused a stir, the thin white worm-like creature can be seen wriggling violently on the fresh meat, as reported by The Mirror.

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Rachel, 34, from Lake Wylie in South Carolina is not the first person to find a worm in their Costco salmon, by a long stretch.

Google is full of news articles telling the stories of disgusted shoppers who've had similar experiences, including one incident where a store's manager allegedly said finding a worm or parasite on fresh fish is "normal".

That incident took place in New Rochelle, New York, in 2019.

According to WPIX in New York City, a man was in the checkout line in the store when he noticed something wriggling on the packaged salmon being purchased by the woman in front of him, before clocking that it was a worm.

"That’s disgusting,” the man told the news station.

But according to the man, the Costco store manager said “it was pretty normal that salmon had a worm or parasite.”

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He said he was shocked because he expected the store manager to remove all the salmon from the refrigerator cases, but they did not.

Back in March 2022 a physician and his family even sued Costco Wholesale Corp., alleging that halibut they bought from a San Dimas, California, store in 2021 contained live worms.

Dr Vahid Berdjis and his wife, Nafiseh Berdjis, said that the worms were crawling in the product after it was cooked and being eaten by their 13-year-old daughter.

Data cited by the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control suggests that 75% of wild Pacific salmon are infected with anisakid nematodes (worms).

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