Oil fire obliterates major factory full of Putin’s war equipment

Russia: Smoke rises from bearings factory in Samara

Wild footage shows the chaotic scenes in a Russian town after a major blaze at a factory left Vladimir Putin’s war gear in ashes.

In a clip shared online, massive plumes of grey smoke can be seen filling the sky in the Samara region of Russia.

They reportedly came from a major fire that raged through a “huge amount of equipment, including military equipment” at a bearings factory.

According to local Telegram channels, the blaze engulfed an area of 100 square meters and was triggered after oil caught fire.

More than 70 rescuers and 22 pieces of equipment were dispatched to extinguish the flames, according to RBC-Ukraine.

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The video posted by u/K___logan on the r/CombatFootageUkraine Reddit page was captioned: “A fire was reported at a bearing plant in Samara, Russia. Bearings are important parts of a huge amount of equipment, including military equipment.”

Earlier this week, two Russian navy ships were engulfed in flames after a devastating Ukrainian missile attack on a shipyard in Sevastopol.

Former Ukrainian naval captain Andriy Ryzhenko described the attack in the Black Sea as “impressive” and claimed Putin’s men “did not expect such a powerful” attack.

He told Newsweek: “It’s really demoralizing for the Russian military, and also reducing their combat potential.”

This comes as Ukraine continues to strike targets in Russia that are part of Putin’s war machine.

Last month drones rained down across six regions of the country at once in one of the biggest wave of attacks on Russian soil since Putin first launched his illegal invasion.

Unlike previous strikes, targets included military bases and planes, a microelectronics plant and a fuel depot, which all contribute to the Russian war effort.

Their destruction appeared to be part of a new and deliberate strategy to obliterate weapon supplies in the heart of Russia as Ukraine scrambles for victory, analysts told Daily Express US.

Sam Bendett, an expert on Russian military technology at the Center for International and Strategic Studies, told Daily Express US: “Attacking military bases, military assets, weapons, production facilities, oil facilities and other assets that actually aid the war effort are very effective. All the strikes before were demonstrative of Ukraine’s ability to reach deep inside Russia.

“Ukraine’s latest strike is a culmination of that. Now they can hit a lot of targets in the European part of Russia where the bulk of its industries and populations and infrastructure are located to try and go after the very war effort itself.”

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