Police probing motorist who called female driver f***ing s**g in horror rant

Police have confirmed that they are investigating an angry motorist who branded a lone female driver a "f***ing s**g" and a "f***ing bloody annoying woman" as he slapped her windscreen in a road-rage incident.

The man, who appeared to be in his early to mid sixties, is the star of a viral video that shows him press his face against the woman's windshield before banging it. The grey-haired bloke then goes on a foul-mouthed tirade as he becomes increasingly more irate at the woman for filming him, while the context remains a mystery.

The video is said to have been shot in late August near a Tesco in Bournemouth, Dorset. And despite the lead up to the dramatic showdown remaining under wraps, Dorset Police have confirmed they are investigating.

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A spokesperson told the Daily Star: "On Friday 25 August 2023 at approximately 11.40am, officers responded to a call from a member of the public following a public order and criminal damage incident at Tesco petrol station on Castle Lane, Bournemouth.

"It is reported that the man stepped out of his vehicle, verbally abused the victim and punched the windscreen of the victimโ€™s car.

"The investigation is ongoing. No arrests have yet been made."

One woman posting online in August dubbed the man a "vile, disgusting, pathetic excuse of a human" as she appealed for information on his identity, saying that her mum was the victim of his road rage.

Becky Ryan wrote on Facebook: "Anyone know this vile, disgusting, pathetic excuse of a human who decided to verbally abuse my Mum at Tesco Bournemouth Castle Lane Petrol Station last Friday?"

She shared the video, which appears to show the bloke getting annoyed over some kind of traffic debacle. The video begins with the rattled driver shouting 'F***ing s**g' at the woman in her car, before a second man intervenes verbally.

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The bespectacled grey haired bloke turns to the man off camera and tells him: "Yeah alright, I just wanted to make a point."

He is told to move on before the he walks away and replies "F*** you. F***ing w****r".

The man begins to walk back to his vehicle but sets eyes on the woman and remembers that he is ever so annoyed, so he darts back to her car with more gusto than ever and barks: "You f***ing see me you f***ing tart."

The woman keeps her cool, and keeps recording. The man then shouts to the second bloke after being told to "get in your car and drive" …"Yeah well I don't like people f***ing filming do I?"

"What is wrong with you?" the other man asks. "She's a woman on her own.'"

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"She's a f***ing bloody annoying woman. F***ing woman," he retorts.

When asked "You wouldn't do it to me, would you?" by the other man, he replies "Well yeah I would actually" before laughing and asking if the other man is threatening him.

"No I'm asking you to leave," he replies. "Get in your car and go, don't pick on women you big bully."

He adds: "I will pick on anyone I f***ing well please."

The bloke finally leaves and Ms Ryan said he made "a grown woman terrified".

Ms Ryan confirmed she had reported the incident to Dorset Police.

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