Russian saboteurs declare new attack on home soil to wash away Putins filth

Freedom of Russia Legion continue fight in Russia

Russian dissidents battling Vladimir Putin say they have launched another raid in the Belgorod region.

Multiple Russian anti-Putin paramilitary groups operate in Ukraine but cross the border to inflict damage on Moscow’s war effort. The Freedom of Russia Legion or Liberty of Russia Legion is one such group that has launched raids into their homeland in the past.

A statement posted to Telegram by Ukrainian MP Yuriy Mysiagin said: “At the moment, the Legion ‘Freedom of Russia’ is conducting assault operations on the territory of the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation.

“There are no injured or dead soldiers, the work is going according to plan.”

A separate post from an account that claims to be run by the RFL said: “We continue to cleanse our house of Putin’s filth. There is a battle going on, all the details will follow. For Russia! For freedom!”

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The unverified reports gave no details of the operations being carried out in Russia but this isn’t the first time the group has launched raids across the border.

In May 2023, the Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps launched a raid into Belgorod which aimed to create a demilitarized zone to keep Russian artillery from firing into Ukraine.

Earlier this year, Daily Express US spoke to a commander in the legion – callsign Caesar – who said the fighting would continue both from outside and inside Russia.


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He said: “There is a very big resistance [movement] from our Legion, which is present inside Russia. It is our guerrilla movement doing some acts of military sabotage: burning war commissariats, destroying railways in our fight against Putin.

“From day to day, this fighting is getting more fierce and stronger. More people can see that we are on the right side and want to join us to help us to overthrow Putin.”

Since Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine, there have been a series of mysterious fires across Russia, including arson attacks on recruitment centres, supply depots, police stations and other targets.

In addition, train derailments have stretched Moscow’s already thin supply lines which are under strain after Kyiv’s forces stepped up conventional attacks.

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