Russias Soviet era tank supplies dwindle as Ukraine makes ground

Zelensky writes ‘Glory to Ukraine’ on Storm Shadow missile

Ukrainian intelligence estimates have stated that Russia does not have any substantial strategic reserves left. The head of Ukraine’s defence intelligence agency, the HUR, Lieutenant General Kyrylo Budanov reported that Russia’s 25th Combined Arms Army is now deployed prematurely on the Eastern Front at Lyman and Kupyansk.

This deployment includes only 80 per cent of the planned troops and 55 per cent of the necessary equipment.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s counteroffensive is still ongoing, and the muddy season is still more than a month away. Budanov reported that Russia’s initial defence line has already been penetrated in certain regions, potentially allowing the land bridge between Russia and Crimea to be severed before winter hits.

Ukraine’s intelligence chief insisted that he does not understand those who predicted a quick collapse of the Russian lines, saying: “Is a pencil strong or weak? It depends how you look at it. The counter-offensive is ongoing. Ukraine still has time.”


Ukraine’s Air Force ‘foils Russian drone attack and missile launch’

Ukraine’s air force has reported a successful interception of hostile activity on Ukrainian territory during the early hours of this morning. Here are the latest details:Ukraine’s air force, as reported on Telegram, has achieved a remarkable feat by neutralizing a total of 27 out of 30 drones and thwarting the launch of an Iskander ballistic missile, all originating from Russia.The Iranian-manufactured Shahed drones, deployed by Russia, were the primary threat. Ukrainian air defense systems effectively eliminated these drones in multiple locations across Ukraine, including its southern, central, and western regions.

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