School run dads targeted by £30 sex workers in UK red light district

Dads on the school run are reportedly being targeted by prostitutes offering elicit services for £30 in an area that used to be Britain's legal red light district.

Families are said to be disgusted at the situation in Holbeck, close to Leeds' business district, where MailOnline reports working women are offering cut price Christmas deals. After midnight, prices apparently drop as low as £10.

Outrage in the area comes from members of the public accosted by the sex workers, who are thought to be mostly made up of Eastern Europeans trafficked by gangs.

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Prostitutes left the area at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic when a truce with police was called off. There had been an approach of toleration to sex work there since 2014.

The area has reportedly now been taken over again by the drug-addled sex workers who continue to offer their services, despite the toleration policy no longer being in place. Given the cost of living crisis, working women are said to be pursuing wealthier clients who travel to the area on the school run.

One sex worker told MailOnline: "I never usually work days. But I have had a really bad few nights and I need to buy Xmas presents for my kids. Despite the freezing weather, sex workers are wandering the streets in the hopes of picking up a few extra clients."

There has been some controversy over the appearance of the sex workers in front of school children, with the desperate-for-cash prostitutes in full view on the street corner.

One resident living near to the area said: "They will be back. It is now a 24-hour operation. We see them at all times of day. It is very sad. They are absolutely desperate for money for drugs and to buy Christmas presents for their children. Many of the kids are in care of course – but it is still Christmas."

Claire Bentley-Smith, who runs the Save Our Eyes group for residents to report prostitution sightings, said: "As parents walking children to primary school, we noticed that prostituted women were still out soliciting in the mornings, trying to flag down cars and falling off the kerb into the roads in front of families and commuter cars."

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