Train Karen sacked for screaming at tourists claims ex-boss gaslit her

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    A woman, who was dubbed a 'train Karen' after she was filmed screaming at German tourists has since been sacked from her job.

    However, a resurfaced video has since emerged of her claiming a former boss once "gaslit her and spent her money".

    Brianna Pinnix, 30, was filmed last week, wearing jeans and a strappy top as she hurled xenophobic abuse at a group of German tourists on a New Jersey Transit train. She was heard telling them to "get the f*** out of my country."

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    During the confrontation, the woman, who works as a recruiter, was seen becoming increasingly aggressive towards the group of young travellers before shouting "lets not let immigrants take up our country". Her partner was heard begging with her not to do this as she "could be arrested" an that he would "never talk to her again" if she continued as he "is an immigrant too".

    Her identity was later published by the Daily Mail after the clip went viral on social media. She was subsequently fired from her job with Capital Rx as they said they "acted immediately and terminated the employee".

    New Jersey Transit have since condemned her actions and said its customers are "encouraged to report incidents of this nature to train crew members, or they can reach out to NJ TRANSIT Police."

    But now another video of hers is causing a stir online as last year she made claims that her former employer "gaslit" her and allegedly spent her money. In the video, she accused her former boss of spending all but $8 on a $300 (around ยฃ6 on a ยฃ245) Nordstrom gift card she says was won at a Christmas raffle.

    She explained that she confronted her boss after calling customer service for the giftcard and was told the cash was spent on "two pairs of men's shoes and a pair of men's pants". Pinnix claimed to know it was her boss who spent the cash because they were friends and went shopping together, so she remembered his shoe size.

    She claims a Nordstrom manager was able to tell her that her old boss did indeed use the money on the card, but when she confronted him, the bloke insisted it was a gift from the company. The rest of her videos related to the incident have been removed from her page.

    It is believed the incident took place while she was employed at InterQuest Group. The Daily Star have contacted them for a comment.

    Pinnix worked for InterQuest Group between 2019 and 2022.

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