World War Three to Israel wish – 5 things Zelenskyy said that will scare world

Ukraine's President Volodomyr Zelenskyy has claimed that the world is on the verge of World War Three during a new shock interview.

The former comedian, who has been leading his country's fight against Vladimir Putin's invading forces for nearly two years, spoke to The Sun about the current state of the world. And during the chat, he made several bold clams – including an astonishing comment about the Hamas terror attack on Israel on October 7 being a “wish” of Russia.

Talking about the potential of World War Three, he said: “China can push Russia more, they are not interested in the Middle East. Everything is not very simple in this situation.

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“Ukraine today is in the centre of these global risks of the Third World War, and I really think Russia will push until the United States and China together will tell them very, very seriously to go out of the territory. And I think Europe can't be alone with it, because Russia don't feel the total of the world against them.

“They are doing new steps . . . they will not finish. The idea is to start one conflict, and burn new fires. The idea is destabilisation by starting new fires.”

And on the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, he claimed that the terror attack on October 7 was “a really big wish of Russia”. He explained that it was done with the “help” of Iran – and appeared to confirm the rumours that Russia had ben involved in training the Hamas fighters.

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He said: “Russia has been through those countries (Syria, Lebanon etc) and helpd to train Hamas during this situation in the Middle east. Sometimes people are trying to manage conflicts, but are looking on just two sides – Israel and Palestine.

“It's not right . . . the situation in the Middle East you have to take 10 steps back to understand and find the problem.”

He also said that the focus on the Middle East “doesn't have good influence” on Ukraine and that it “doesn't help us”, but went on to state that he “does understand” it. “When we are asking the world for humanitarian aid into Ukraine, it's something strange to talk about it from Ukraine to the Middle East, but we do what we can”.

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Early on into Putin's invasion, it was claimed that several assassination attempts on Zelenskyy had been ordered. The Ukrainian leader confirmed this, but compared it to being like getting Covid several times.

“It's like Covid – first of all people don't know what to do it it and it's very scary,” he joked.

He went on to confirm that there had been so many attempts that he “doesn't really know,” but added that it was “not less than five or six”. He also said that there is a “plan” from Russia to “change the President” and that they will “use any instruments” they have to do so.

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Zelenskyy talked about what would happen should Russia occupy Ukraine – and claimed that it will only end badly for other NATO nations. He said: “They will occupy other NATO countries very quickly, like Poland and others. You move your soldiers to fight for NATO against Russia.”

In the wide-ranging influence, he touched on trying to find humour during such a dark situation, stating that “you can't live without it” . . . before stating that Russia “steals” children. He said: “Sometimes you want to hold them and support them (your children), and when they cry you can't cry.

“You have to be strong and teach them to be strong – but it's not so difficult like those children who were stolen by Russians.”

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