Worlds tallest dog, Zeus, dies a month before birthday after cancer battle

A world-record-holding Great Dane has sadly died after a month-long battle with bone cancer.

Zeus, who was lauded last year with the Guinness World Record title of tallest dog, passed away on Tuesday.

The pup developed pneumonia following the amputation of his right front leg, at only three years old, a month off its fourth birthday in October.

Zeus was notable as he measured a staggering 3ft 5.18 inches tall, and standing on his hind legs, stood at an insane 7ft tall.

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Brittany Davis shared the news of Zeus dying on her GoFundMe page, saying: “Our baby boy is gone.

“Our hearts are broken. He had the absolute best doctors who sat off the floor and cried with us.

“He fought hard, but the pneumonia was just too much. He is not in pain anymore.”

Three years ago, Davis’ brother fulfilled her lifelong wish of owning a big dog when he brought home an 8-month-old Zeus.

Davis, from Bedford, Texas, started her fundraiser for Zeus last August when he was diagnosed with bone cancer.

She set a funding target of $20,000 and over 350 people responded, raising more than $12,000 within a month.

At the start of September, doctors said Zeus needed to have his front right leg amputated, which initially worked.

But three days later, doctors shared that Zeus was deteriorating, as he had a fever in the night, was refusing to eat and his mouth was turning blue, a sign that his blood wasn’t being oxygenated properly.

After blood tests and chest X-rays, doctors discovered Zeus had fluid and bacteria in his lungs and was suffering from aspiration pneumonia.

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