Hard-left Labour MP poses with Palestinian activists as terrorists unleash hell

Netanyahu tells Israel ‘we are at war’ as Hamas launches attack

Corbynite Labour MP Apsana Begum was photographed posing with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign at the Labour conference this afternoon, just hours after the group sparked fury by organising a protest outside the Israeli embassy in London.

The group demanded the protest despite Israel falling prey to unprovoked terror, kidnappings and murder in the early hours of this morning.

Western leaders have united in support of Israel over the violence that has left at least 150 Israelis dead so far and 230 dead in Gaza after retaliatory strikes.

The MP for Poplar and Limehouse in east London received “special thanks” from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) on X, formerly Twitter, for showing “solidarity” with their cause.

The group assembled at today’s Labour Women’s Conference in Liverpool, campaigning to demand Labour opposes a forthcoming Government bill that would make it illegal for public bodies in the UK, such as councils, to boycott Israeli goods.

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Five hours ago, PSC announced an “emergency demo” for tomorrow evening outside the Israeli embassy in London.

The planned protest, backed by other hard-left groups, is intended to “demand Israel end its violent imposition of… occupation, apartheid and colonisation over the Palestinian people”.

The group said that this morning’s bloodshed was caused not by Palestinian terrorists, but by Israel’s own actions.

Multiple social media users slammed the campaign group as “depraved”.

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Jeremy Brier KC said the pro-Palestinian outfit “have no shame, no moral red lines”.

Another user said the group were “sick and twisted”.

This afternoon, Express.co.uk revealed this week’s Labour conference will play host to an anti-Israel event, despite Palestinian terrorists currently going “door to door killing people”.

The Labour Friends of Palestine group will host a fringe event that references “Israel’s far-right government”.

Dame Priti Patel called on Labour to “cancel” the fringe meeting, saying it was “self-evident” as to why.

And Brendan Clarke-Smith MP said: “It is truly outrageous, especially given their history of institutional antisemitism, that an event like this is allowed to take place.”

The Express contacted The Labour Party and Ms Begum for comment.

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