Pro-Palestine mob yells shame on you at Jewish man outside Labour conference

Pro-Palestinian protests began demonstrating outside the Labour conference this lunchtime, with signs saying Israel is a “racist state” and footage of a mass chanting “shame on you” at a man identified as Jewish by a journalist.

The protests come amid ongoing rows about the terrorist atrocities in Israel this weekend, and continued Labour infighting about the rights of Palestine.

A large group gathered immediately outside the Labour conference entrance, fighting to be heard over the loudhailer of EU protestor Steve Bray.

Dozens held Palestinian flags while some delivered speeches in front of a large sheet depicting Palestine as the “elephant in the room”.

One speaker was photographed next to a man holding a sign reading “Israel is a racist state”.

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Later scenes turned even nastier as one man was filmed being shouted down by a large throng of Palestinian activists, chanting “Shame on you! Shame on you!”

The man has subsequently been identified as a member of the Foundation for Jewish Heritage.

It’s reported that one protestor shouted at the man: “Go away, you contaminate our streets”.

The row comes amid ongoing pressure on Labour to sack the hard-left MP Apsana Begum, who the Express revealed had endorsed an extreme Palestinian campaign who organised a protest outside the Israel embassy, despite Israel being the ones under attack.

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Sir Keir has so far stood by the MP, saying that the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign is not proscribed, and she hasn’t endorsed Hamas.

A spokesman said: “PSC is not a proscribed organisation… I’m not aware of Apsana saying anything on the Hamas attack on Israel”.

Last night Tory chairman Greg Hands demanded she have the Labour whip suspended over the endorsement.

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