America’s worst killer who strangled 93 women said hed eat lips off my face

One of 'America's worst serial killers' who strangled to death over 90 women had threatened to eat an author's lips from her face, it has been revealed.

Samuel Little is one of the most evil killers in human history and author, Jillian Lauren, spent hundreds of hours interviewing the monster.

She has come forward to reveal what it was like to be in the company of such a horrific human being.

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The predator spent his time cruising highways and byways on the lookout for potential victims.

He targeted poor black women, forced into the sex trade to feed their drug addiction, hoping that their disappearances wouldn't alert authorities.

He said: "They was broke and homeless, and they walked right into my spider web."

The killer continued: "I didn’t pick on motherf***ers that would be missed…. there weren’t no women nurses and teachers.

"That’s the reason I didn’t get busted a long time ago."

Using Little's photographic memory, the cops successfully identified 63 of his victims, but many families still await confirmation.

As part of her book, 'Behold the Monster: Confronting America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer', Lauren spoke to the criminal at California State Prison, about his most horrific acts.

He supposedly talked non-stop until he died on December 20, 2020, at the age of 80. And she believes that many more crimes will be linked to him in years to come.

She explained: "I believe that he was ready to confess. He was at the end of his life.

"He didn’t want to slide into the darkness, unknown for what he considered his greatest accomplishment, which was the number of murders he committed.

"I wanted the truth, and I wanted him to need and trust me. Therefore, I showed up with his snacks, and I listened.

"I was there for him. In exchange, I believe he did his best to tell me the truth."

Her conversations with Little could turn sinister as he wasn't afraid of threatening her.

Lauren recalled: "I was used to hearing him talk about women’s last words — and he threatened to crawl through the phone and eat my lips off my face if I didn’t shut my mouth.

"But [then we’d] talk about [how] he believed he was forgiven every time that he murdered somebody just by the fact that he asked for forgiveness.

"I said, ‘Do you believe that your victims should have forgiven you at that moment that you were killing them and asking for forgiveness?’

"He said, ‘I’d hate to see where they went if they didn’t.’ I could have crawled across the table and killed him myself."

The author would convince the murderer to talk to her by giving him chicken wings.

She said: "I believe he did his best to be truthful in most of his confessions.

"Toward the end of his 30-year murdering spree, he was on a lot of drugs. As he aged, his memories became less vivid.

"I know that he wasn’t 100 per cent accurate [because] I figured out [times when] he was wrong.

"He’d forgotten that he often drove many more miles than he remembered. He often got his years wrong."

After being convicted of several murders in California, the Texas Rangers flew him to the Lone Star State after believing he could be responsible for further murders. He bonded with the detective and confessed to everything.

He recounted what many of his victims looked like in disturbing drawings, and remembered exactly what they wore when his attacks took place.

He bragged about making the murders as “long and slow as possible” — letting the women slip in and out of consciousness for his own sexual pleasure.

The FBI is still trying to identify all his victims

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