Brits outraged as Baby Killer Lucy Letbys cushty prison cell goes viral

People have been left fuming after seeing viral photos of the supposed prison cell where Lucy Letby will spend the rest of her life.

The evil nurse was trusted to look after the defenceless tots in the neonatal ward at the Countess of Chester Hospital in Cheshire but instead abused her power.

The barbaric NHS worker murdered seven poorly infants between June 2015 and June 2016 โ€” while attempting to kill six others.

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Manchester Crown Court heard she deliberately harmed the innocent babies in various ways, including: injecting air intravenously and administering air and/or milk into the stomach via nasogastric tubes, adding insulin as a poison to intravenous feeds, interfering with breathing tubes and inflicting trauma in some cases.

The 33-year-old has since been found guilty of the monstrous crimes โ€” making her Britain's most notorious 'Baby Killer'.

After being handed a whole-life sentence, Letby is expected to live out the rest of her days in a tiny cell in HMP Low Newton in Durham.

Photos of the cells, which are no bigger than university dorms, have since begun circulating online with many people making videos to express their "outrage" that Lucy Letby could be living in one of them.

In one clip, shared by Franks Reacts, he criticized the room for being nicely decorated โ€” which many others agreed with.

He said: "I'm sorry, but this has to be a f***ing joke. You kill seven babies, you attempt to kill another seven babies, and you get sentenced to a whole-life order. But you get to spend it in this? Are you f***ing kidding me?"

Before suggesting that the twisted killer should be sleeping "on a concrete slab on the floor" rather than having a "cushty lifestyle."

But he isn't the only one to think so as another TikTok user said: "Better then student rooms I clean."

A third added: "Literally just early retirement."

A fourth wrote: "Totally agree with you."

However, HMP Low Newton was inspected by the Independent Monitoring Boards in June 2021 and a subsequent report said as of April last year, there were 242 prisoners living in a safe environment.

The report says: "Women live in a clean, decent and comfortable environment. They are provided with all the essential basic items."

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It adds: "Cells were not well equipped with only a bed, toilet and sink. The regime was limited with only an hour a day in the open air and half an hour to complete daily tasks, such as showering."

Prisoners are allowed to make their cells feel "homely" but due to the nature of her crimes Letby will probably stay in the prison's segregation unit at first, Mirror reports.

Once there, she will be given a reintegration plan that will eventually allow her to live in her own cell among other inmates.

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