Britains racy lag-loving female prison officers busted for X-rated cell romps

Dozens of female prison guards have been exposed for sordid affairs with inmates at the British jails where they worked.

Some have been caught sending the lags love letters, while others had their saucy photos and conversations exposed by work colleagues.

One former guard was so obsessed with her secret lover that she had his name, autograph and a rose tattooed on her.

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Several of the scandalous affairs also took place in the same prisons, prompting a major shift in how they function.

Most of the officers were jailed for their involvement in the affair and any illegal activity they engaged in as a result, however, some were spared jail.

Katie Loxton

Daily Star recently reported that ex-prison custody officer Katie Loxton was jailed for 12 months after entering a romantic relationship with an inmate.

The 27-year-old was caught "performing sexual acts" with Adam Higgs, 32, while on the phone with him during their illicit affair at HMP Oakwood, Staffordshire.

She had created a fake identity to chat to Higgs through the phone in his cell where they racked up over 3,450 calls over 380 hours.

When officers searched the disgraced prison guard's home they uncovered more evidence of the affair.

As well as their flirty phone chats, Higgs had penned love letters to his prison officer lover.

Lauren McIntyre

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Prison officer Lauren McIntyre was also jailed for having an affair with an inmate โ€“ double murderer Andrew Roberts while at Albany Prison.

The mum of three had 11-week-old twins and a five-year-old when she began sleeping with the inmate, who was 10 years her junior.

Roberts gave the guard the number for his illegal mobile phone and the pair began swapping sexual images.

She also admitted to giving Roberts the phone number of fellow prison officer Samuel Laidler.

When the affair was exposed McIntyre claimed that the pair had not had sexual intercourse but admitted there had been inappropriate touching.

Aisha Golsby

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Aisha Golsby, a former prison officer at HMP Portland, Dorset entered into a relationship with inmate Deano Harrison before it was exposed by another guard who happened upon their text exchanges โ€“ five months later.

The pair would communicate via Instagram, with Harrison using a banned mobile smuggled into his cell.

Golsby would warn him ahead of planned cell searches so that he could hide his device, and their texts would continue.

In light of suspicion surrounding their tryst, Harrison was moved to another prison, but the determined inmate still tried to contact Golsby.

The 23-year-old was eventually suspended before quitting two months later, she was then jailed for 16 months after pleading guilty to three counts of misconduct.

Harrison pleaded guilty to having a banned mobile phone, in prison and had six months added to his previous sentence.

Stephanie Smithwhites

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During an investigation into warden Stephanie Smithwhites affair with drug lord Curtis Warren, police discovered she would cut holes into her work uniform so the pair could have sex through the bars.

The 42-year-old, who was jailed for two years, even had Warren's name tattooed on her body, along with a rose and his autograph.

Smithwhite became obsessed with the inmate and would allow him to hide contraband items needed for his illegal operations behind bars

Investigators found they had called each other 213 times in just three months and around 450 filthy notes of sexual fantasies were discovered.

Emily Watson

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Emily Watson is one of three prison guards who had an affair with an inmate at the ยฃ250 million HMP Berwyn in Wrexham, North Wales, where Category C adult male offenders are incarcerated.

Watson was jailed for performing a sex act on an inmate she had become infatuated with in his cell on Christmas Day.

Her secret lover John McGee was serving eight years for death by dangerous driving.

The prison service is now trialling social media checks for some of the "higher risk" roles where staff may interact with inmates, including prisoners

Ayshea Gunn

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Ayshea Gunn, from Johnstown, Wrexham, was employed at HMP Berwyn in Wrexham, North Wales as a Prison Officer, where she started an inappropriate relationship with an inmate.

The 27-year-old was later handed a prison sentence after she entered into a sexual relationship with Khuram Razaq, 29, in 2019.

The inmate involved was described as "dangerous" and was serving a twelve-year sentence for conspiracy to rob when he met Gunn at Berwyn.

Jennifer Gavan

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Jennifer Gavan also worked as a person guard at Wrexham, North Wales HMP Berwyn when she began a secret relationship with an inmate.

The 27-year-old pleaded guilty to misconduct in public office between April and July 2020 after being accused of having an inappropriate relationship with prisoner Alex Coxon, 25.

She was also accused of accepting a ยฃ150 bribe to smuggle a mobile phone into the high-security jail, as well as communicating with him via a phone held illegally.

Emma Webster

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HMP Lincoln prison officer Emma Webster was jailed after her racy images and love letters with two inmates at the jail were she worked.

The 34-year-old had several "inappropriate" relationships before she was apprehended, including with Bradley Brammall who called Webster with fantasies of the pair having sex. The mum-of-two was also infatuated with prisoner Jimmy Bennett she would sign off love letters as "your future wife".

She also sent the prisoner underwear pics throughout the affair.

Webster was sentenced at Lincoln Crown Court to 14 months in jail for misconduct in public office from August 18, 2021 to November 14, 2021.

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