Crime-ridden TikTok wasteland estates rubbish piles and burnt-out homes tackled

A road in a housing estate that went viral for its shocking derelict state of disrepair is finally getting a facelift.

Primrose Court in Knowsley made headlines last year after a TikTok video highlighted its potholes, rubbish piles, and boarded-up homes.

Footage showed the remains of arson and fires on the estate, rubbish piled high and fly-tipping. There had also been increased reports of anti-social behaviour and gangs on the estate.

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According to the ECHO, issues first began 15 years earlier when the estate was first built by two of the developers who went bust before work could be completed.

Work halted immediately, leaving key parts of the street uncompleted, including kerbs and street lights. The street was also left unadopted – meaning the responsibility fell to those who lived there, not the council.

But last year, Knowsley council said it had secured £367,000 from the government's Safer Communities Fund to carry out essential works on the road to get it up to a standard which meant it could be adopted by the local authority, with work commencing to tackle some of the problems on the estate.

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In February, improvement work began again, including fixing potholes, and kerbs and installing the missing street lamps. The council added CCTV would soon be installed.

A council report released earlier this month said that following the works, formal notice of the authority's intention to adopt the road had gone ahead with no objections. With the road now formally adopted, highway maintenance will in future be carried out using existing local authority budgets.

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A Knowsley Council spokesperson said the local authority is also working with residents to better "understand their needs" and is committed to supporting "long-term change and rejuvenate the area."

The spokesperson said: "Earlier this year, a programme of improvement works commenced at Primrose Court in Huyton as part of the Safer Streets project. The works are now nearing completion.

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"Already, the council has adopted the road and it has laid a new road surface, and street lighting, boundary fences and security devices for homes have been installed on the estate – all of which are aimed at preventing anti-social behaviour and making residents feel more secure in their homes.

“A number of empty homes that were in disrepair have also benefited from upgrades by the homeowners to bring them back into use. This complements the ongoing work already taking place in the area including police high visibility patrols and clean-up operations to remove fly-tipping and graffiti.

“The only outstanding work is the installation of the CCTV which will be completed next week.

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“As well as this key infrastructure and enforcement work, Knowsley’s Crime and Communities Team has been working closely with the local community to understand their needs. This has resulted in stronger links established with young people, parents and community leaders, who are all working with partners to improve their local area.

"New children’s play equipment has been installed at Hillside Community Centre, as well as improvement works to the surrounding green spaces. We have effectively targeted a number of priority issues for local residents so that we can create long-term change and rejuvenate the area.”

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