Vladimir Putins Black Sea fleet highly likely to have been hit again.

Russia and Ukraine have both launched attacks deep within each other’s territories during the last four days, British military intelligence has reported.

Explosions have been reported at Russian logistics facilities, airbases and command centres in places including Crimea, the Krasnodar region and close to Moscow.

The newest report from the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) also shows a high chance Russia‘s Black Sea fleet has been hit once again.

The MoD intelligence update said: “Over the last four days, both Russia and Ukraine have experienced unusually intense attacks deep behind their lines. There have been reports of explosions at Russian logistics sites, air bases and command posts in Crimea, the Krasnodar region and near Moscow.

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The report added: “It is highly likely that Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has again been heavily targeted. However, the explosions at Chkalovsky Air Base, near Moscow, are likely to be of most strategic concern to Russian leaders.

“Reported damage to a COOT special mission aircraft is particularly relevant: the exact variant involved is unclear, but these valuable assets undertake missions which include electronic intelligence collection.”

Russia has launched long-range strikes at targets across Ukraine “repeatedly over the last week”, the MoD intelligence update said.

“This unusual intensity is likely partially in response to the incidents in Russia and Crimea. With the ground battle relatively static, each side is seeking advantage by striking through their adversary’s strategic depth.”

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According to a former NATO secretary general, Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, Russia’s military leadership should be conscious that a genuine and not hypothetical war with NATO could become a reality if their actions in Ukraine become excessive.

Lord Robertson, who held the position from 1999 to 2003, emphasised the importance of ensuring that Western nations do not become apprehensive about Russian escalation.

Instead, he suggested that the United Kingdom and its allies should instil in Moscow’s military leaders a sense of fear about the potential for a conflict with NATO, an outcome he believed Russia would only stand to lose from.

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These comments were made during a discussion in the House of Lords about the situation in Ukraine, where there was also a call for Western nations to develop a long-term strategy to support Kyiv.

Ukraine is actively seeking NATO membership, although this remains a contentious issue among some of the current NATO member states.

Lord Robertson highlighted the “enormous propaganda exercise” being undertaken by the Kremlin in a bid to “undermine Western support and encourage the global south countries to bend to them”.

He warned it is “already having an effect” on European opinion, as he pointed to a poll which suggested a majority of Hungarians, Romanians and Bulgarians believe providing weapons to Ukraine “provokes Russia and drags their own countries closer” to the war.

Lord Robertson, referring to Russian president Vladimir Putin, said: “It was one man who took the decision to invade and it will take one man to decide enough is enough.”

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