El Chapos beauty queen wife will never live in peace after jail release

The beauty queen wife of drug lord El Chapo Guzman will "never live in peace" following her release from jail, where she was banged up for helping with her husband's nefarious narcotics network.

Emma Coronel, the third wife of El Chapo, had been under house arrest since last June but was released on Wednesday (September 13) with her husband still in jail in the US.

The 34-year-old was sentenced to three years in prison in 2021 after pleading guilty to three counts of helping the violent Sinaloa drug cartel, headed up by her lover.

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Her charges included conspiracy to launder money and distribute illegal drugs, and engaging in financial dealings.

And the nature of her husband's business means that despite her new-found freedom, Coronel has plenty to worry about.

Mike Vigil, former head of international operations for the DEA, commented that Coronel, "will never live in peace" after her release.

He said: "El Chapo Guzman has many enemies, not only in Mexico, but also in the United States. So possibly they will try to harm her or her daughters.

"So I think Emma Coronel will never live a quiet life, she will always have to be on the lookout for a possible murder," said Vigil.

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During an interview with Azucena Uresti on Radio Fórmula, Vigil said that she will need to also be committed to dealing with authorities.

"She is going to have to report to a probation officer that will be frequently, it all depends on what the court said, every month or every three months, that will happen for four years," he said.

"I think that if she was collaborating, they are going to put her in the protected witness program, this program where they have to start from zero," Vigil concluded.

Coronel still has four years of supervised release remaining, during which she must obtain a job, report where she lives, not carry weapons or harmful substances, and submit a DNA test, among other things, as ordered by the judge.

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