Over 300million mutant rats flood UK streets because Brits are working from home

Working from home is fuelling an invasion of monster mutant rats.

Experts say up to 300million are roaming Britain fed by the new culture that sees people gorging on mountains of food at home desks. The rodents are finding easy pickings in dustbins bulging with rotting waste food.

Streets clogged with parked cars owned by home workers are not helping. In Leeds the city council has blamed the jammed roads for growing complaints about missed collections because dustcarts cannot squeeze past.

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A council spokesman said: "In the past when people left their homes and went into the office it was somewhat easier to navigate through some narrow difficult streets."

Other councils have been blamed for cutting back bin collections.

Pest exterminators say they are getting an increasing number of calls from householders to deal with rats trying to sneak into their lofts, up drainpipes and through cracks in outside walls.

Many of the creatures are up to 2ft long and immune to shop-bought poisons.

A Rentokil Pest Control spokesman said in colder weather even more rats will try to enter homes.

"As soon as the temperature drops rats look for somewhere warm to spend the winter," they warned.

"While most of us may associate rats with sewers and holes in the ground brown rats are very agile climbers and can be found in loft spaces."

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The British Pest Control Association said a typical home has more than a dozen potential entry points for rats which can squeeze through half-inch wide gaps.

"Quite apart from the health risks theyโ€™ll foul water tanks and chew on wood or electrical wires which can cause a lot of damage and poses a hazard risk," a spokesman said.

Genetic testing by Huddersfield University revealed the rodents have developed a mutation that allows them to survive conventional poisons.

Researchers have warned rats could soon outnumber humans three-to-one across Britain.

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