Expert tells Brits to forget 28C heatwave next week – UK will be even hotter

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    Reports of a scorching 28C heatwave hitting the UK next week have been rubbished by experts . . . who are now predicting something far hotter.

    Earlier this week it was claimed that the UK would be basking in 28C heat by Thursday, with kids flocking back to school in glorious sunshine.

    And while it is true that Hurricane Franklin in the Atlantic is helping to push high pressure and unseasonably warm conditions towards the UK, it is now thought that we will be hit by a wave of 32C heat instead.

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    Forecaster Jim Dale told The Mirror: “Forget the much-touted 28C, there’s every chance later this week that the UK’s highest 2023 temp so far will be beaten.

    “This is partly due to a number of tropical storms across the Atlantic, and stormy weather over the Iberian peninsula right now.

    “These allow air pressure to rise over the UK, combined with a southerly airflow it leads to far warmer conditions than is normal for this time of year.”

    Temperatures started rising today and will get steadily better as the week goes on, and much of Britain will be hotter than Spain and Portugal.

    And experts said the fine weather could last well into September.

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    Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge said: “Because of the energy, heat, and moisture that tropical storms contain, they are significant disruptors of the North Atlantic atmosphere.

    “Hurricane Franklin is pushing high pressure our way.

    “We are likely to see heatwave conditions in some of the UK.

    “By and large, most people will be in for a fine and sunny week possibly edging into next weekend.”

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    And it won't stop there, either, because, looking further into September, there is the chance of some “continental plumes bringing warmer air” and possible thundery downpours at times “but high pressure is likely to remain established”.

    The mini-heatwave comes as a relief to some – but not parents sending their kids to school – after one of the wettest July months on record was followed by a mixed bag of sunshine and rain in August.

    Bookmaker Coral makes it just 1-5 for temperatures to reach as high as 30C in the UK next week.

    Spokesman John Hill said: “With the mercury set to rise next week, our betting suggests 30C or higher is likely to be recorded in the UK.”

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