Female teacher caught having sex with student by his mother after tracking him

A teacher from North Carolina is facing a number of charges against her after a student's mother allegedly found her son having sex with his teacher, Gabriela Neufeld.

After hearing rumours about her son, 18, being involved in a relationship with Neufeld, she decided to track him via his mobile phone. Noticing that he wasn't at rugby practice, she discovered her son's location as being at the local park, where she found him having sex with his teacher in her car.

The biology teacher from South Mecklenburg High School, who has since resigned, was then arrested and charged with felony sexual activity with a student by a teacher and a court was told that it was believed the pair had sex at least five times.

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The court was also made aware that the school knew about rumours of an alleged relationship between the pupil and teacher and even spoke to them about it. The teacher's family and a group of students were also there for the hearing in court.

School Principal Marc Angerer told parents in a message: “Although I cannot discuss personnel information, I wanted to inform you that we take this matter seriously. We share your concerns regarding this situation. The safety and security of our students and staff is of the utmost importance to us all, and while this is a troubling situation, it is being managed by law enforcement.”

Whilst the age of sexual consent in the US is usually 18, teachers and people in similar positions can be charged with a felony as it is irrelevant as to whether the sexual activity was consensual or not. The only exception is if the pair are married.

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However, the law is slightly in South Carolina, if the student is an 'adult' i.e. over 18 years old then the charge can be lessened from a felony to a misdemeanour.

Neufeld who is originally from Boone in North Carolina, graduated from Appalchian State University told them earlier this year that she was going on to teach Biology to ninth and twelfth-grade students at the high school.

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