Hotel slammed as thieves for charging tourists £600 for drinks and calamari

Five cruise ships in Mykonos

A notorious restaurant on the Greek Island of Mykonos has been called “cheaters” and “thieves” by furious Italian tourists after they were charged more than £600 for four drinks and some seafood.

DK Oyster is a bar and restaurant located on the Platys Gialos beach on the popular holiday island.

In its promotional advert it describes itself as bringing “the elegance of a high-end venue to the beach where the fun and the parties never stop.”

The owners go on to claim that “DK Oyster is where you will experience the very best of Mykonos, in all the glamour and fascination of one of the world’s top destinations!”

The restaurant was even nominated for a gong at the “Gold Award of Quality & Taste 2020”, organised by the Panhellenic Taste and Quality Institute

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However, the establishment has become embroiled in a number of scandals involving tourists who accuse it of ripping them off with extortionate bills for light refreshments.

In the latest incident, a group of Italians were stunned when presented with a bill for €711.41 (£608.48), after ordering three orange juices, one Aperol spritz and “a medium portion of squids and shrimp”.

The unsuspecting tourists had been enticed by an offer of “free umbrellas and sun-beds” by the restaurant.

Taking to Tripadvisor, the furious Italians posted a photo of the bill and wrote: “They are the biggest cheaters and thieves of Mykonos.

“They offer the food not explaining the details. They transformed our experience into a horrible one.

“They damage the image of Mykonos.”

The Italians claimed they would have called the police but had to rush back to their cruise ship before it left port.

Many other visitors to Mykonos have alleged similar treatment by DK Oyster, leading Tripadvisor to take the unusual step of adding a “safety alert” to the restaurant’s review page in February.

Tourists are advised to carry out “additional research for information about this property when making your travel plans.”

The page was flagged after an American couple reported that they had been charged €800 (£684.25) for a plate of crabs’ legs at the venue.

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Jessica Yarnall and Adam Hagaun, from Montana, said they had ordered drinks advertised as €25 (£21.38) which then appeared on their bill as €100 (£85.53).

Staff attempted to justify the charge, saying the advertised price was for “small servings” whereas they had had large servings.

Some angry tourists have even resorted to legal action against and restaurant and bar.

Last year, two Americans saids they would seek legal advice after the establishment charged them more than £500 for two drinks and a plate of crab legs.

Brenda Moulton and her then 19-year-old daughter, Kaylea, alleged that they were threatened by an employee of the restaurant after refusing to pay the bill.

Members of the public have left disparaging posts on DK Oyster’s Facebook page, with some claiming the owners should be in jail for the alleged scams they are pulling.

Claudia Wunderlich wrote: “Your location is no restaurant, a real chief loves his guests and want them to have a nice time and come back.

“You are just a place to give people a bad time. Some of your guest maybe had their first holiday in years.

“And you are laughing at them, by ruining it. In our country your restaurant wouldn’t exist anymore and you would be in jail.” has contacted DK Oyster for comment.

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