Lorry drivers backside catches fire after vape battery explodes in his pocket

A shocking video has captured the moment a lorry driver's vape pen exploded in his pocket, setting his bum ablaze while he sat inside his vehicle.

Lorry driver Liam Moriarty, 33, had a close shave when his vape battery exploded in flames as he sat inside his vehicle. The fire appeared to ignite around his backide as he sat in the drivers seat.

The incident happened in Dartford, Kent, while he was waiting for a collection and the spare battery fell from his pocket into his chair's mechanism. "The tilt mechanism for the chair pinched the battery, just my luck." said Liam, who hails from southeast London.

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He added: "There was a loud hissing sound and by the time I looked up the flame came up and burnt my elbow."

Liam's lorry is ADR equipped, meaning it can carry dangerous goods and had a fire extinguisher on board. He used this to put out the flames, saving himself and the truck. "It's just the fact that it's an ADR-equipped truck that the fire extinguisher was there," he explained.

He also pointed out that there were flammable items nearby, including a bed and seat, which could have ignited and destroyed the £130,000 lorry. "On the side with the cog mechanism, there's a bed, a seat, all things that can burn, it might have gone up in flames." he said.

Fortunately, Liam's injuries were not severe and the flames only slightly singed his skin. "I was more worried about the lorry which was a three-month-old vehicle," he admitted.

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"I wouldn't have a job and there would be a massive insurance claim. Each one of those lorries costs £130,000. It would have been massive."

Vapes contain lithium-ion battery explodes, which can explodeif they get too hot, according to Law Firm. The highly flammable liquid inside the battery also reacts with oxygen, causing it to burst into flames.

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