Inside the home of a serial killer from Letbys childlike home to Nilsens lair

From the outside, they looked like normal homes on normal streets, but within them lived evil individuals with sinister secrets.

Baby killer Lucy Letby, who was handed 14 whole life orders for her disgusting seven-baby murder spree, had photos of her childlike home re-emerge following her sentencing.

The nurse's establishment housed chilling notes including one which read: "I AM EVIL. I DID THIS" along with medical notes kept as " souvenirs " of her tiny victims.

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A stark contrast to the teddy bears on her bed and pictures on her wall with slogans: 'Leave sparkles wherever you go,' and 'Shine like a diamond.'

Letby's two-bedroom property was sold back in 2019 to Dean Porter for ยฃ180,000, a wind turbine technician who was "aware" of the previous owner's background.

Mr Porter, speaking to the Daily Mail about the property, said: "I was made aware of what had happened when I bought the house. It got released during the investigation and told it was fine to buy it."

Other homes owned by the most sickening and twisted of British serial killers are renovated beyond recognisability, the crimes which took place at the addresses wiped away by architectural advancements.

Such work took place on the former home of Dennis Nilsen, the murderer believed to have killed up to 15 gay men throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s.

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His home on Melrose Avenue, London, which had been used to store the bodies of his deceased victims, is now a family home which was converted from a two-bedroom flat back in 2016.

Police at the time found more than 1,000 teeth and bone fragments at the property's garden, and in a field close to the home.

Nilsen, who was arrested in 1983 and died in prison back in 2018, was nicknamed the "Kindly Killer" as he maintained his methods of murder were humane, the Daily Mail reported.

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Properties of the most horrific murderers the country has ever seen are still standing in some parts of the country, but not the home of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, dubbed a "house of horrors".

It was there the pair carried out at least two murders, with the West Manchester home searched by police in 1965 and demolished in 1980 due to tenants refusing to move in.

The pair's murder of final victim Edward Evans, who was bludgeoned to death by Ian Brady, prompted a police investigation and subsequent search of the home.

Both Myra Hindley and Ian Brady died behind bars, in 2002 and 2017.

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Infamous serial killer couple Fred and Rose West's home met a similar fate to the property lived in by Brady and Hindley, with the road on which the property lies a "dark tourism" hotspot.

True crime lovers head to the property on Cromwell Street in Gloucester where the West duo carried out their slate of sickening murders over the course of 20 years.

But the property, which was crushed and turned into a pathway back in October 1996, still attracts those interested in the criminal duo to this day.

Police had found the remains of Fred and Rose's daughter, Heather, buried underneath the patio and a further eight victims at the property.

Their home, Number 25 on Cromwell Street, is no longer standing but ghoulish fans are still making trips to the site, which was also dubbed a "house of horrors".

Rose, who is still locked up behind bars at HMP New Hall in West Yorkshire, has chillingly maintained her innocence.

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