UK would be uninhabitable nuclear wasteland if US wins World War 3, AI claims

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    The United Kingdom would be an “uninhabitable nuclear wasteland” should the world descend into World War 3 chaos.

    With two huge wars currently being waged – one with Russia invading Ukraine, while the other is between Israel and Hamas with Lebanon also having an impact – many are now fearing that the world could be about the break into an all-out war. And with that in mind, the Daily Star asked the true font of all knowledge in Google's Artificial Intelligence-powered large language model chatbot to detail how it would pan out for us should World War 3 happen . . . and it wasn't good, regardless of which scenario of it played out.

    We started by asking it who would win World War 3, and then by pondering what the UK's fate would be. It said: “Based on current military capabilities, the United States is generally considered to be the most powerful military in the world – it has a large and well-equipped military, with a focus on advanced technology, and also has a global network of military bases and alliances, which would give it a significant advantage in a global conflict.

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    “However, other countries are also developing their militaries at a rapid pace, China, for example, has been investing heavily in its military in recent years, and now has the second-largest military budget in the world, and Russia is another major military power, with a large nuclear arsenal and a strong conventional military. If World War 3 were to break out, it is likely that the US would be able to defeat any single opponent, however, if the US were to face a coalition of major military powers, such as China and Russia, it would be much more difficult for the US to win.

    “It is also important to consider the potential consequences of World War 3 – even a conventional war between major military powers would be devastating, with millions of casualties, and if nuclear weapons were used, the consequences would be even more catastrophic.”

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    The latter comment, about nuclear weapons – which is highly likely if war did break out – then the UK would come of far worse than any other country. Bard went on to state that the UK would be a massive target for any enemy nation, with its bases around the world being prime missile fodder for any alliances.

    And even if the UK wasn't “directly involved”, it would still end pretty badly for us – especially it nukes were involved. Bard explained: “The UK is a major trading nation, and a global war would disrupt trade routes and cause economic damage, and is also reliant on imports of food and energy, and these supplies could be disrupted in a war.

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    “In addition, the UK could be affected by the fallout from a nuclear war – even if the UK were not directly targeted, nuclear fallout could contaminate the country and make it uninhabitable. The impact on the UK would be devastating and it would suffer significant casualties, economic damage, and social disruption.”

    And as usual, with Bard, it added a caveat to its answers by stating that the world should attempt to stop war by “strengthening diplomacy, reducing tensions between major powers, and preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons”.

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