One of Englands finest private homes on sale for £18m as owners to downsize

Having spent so much time in Pyhouse Estate, the owners of one of the most luxurious country houses in the country have decided it's time to downsize.

Situated in Tisbury, South Wiltshire, within the rural village of West Tisbury, the eye-catching country house on sale for £18million is located in magnificent surroundings in which rolling hills, woods and lakes make for a truly striking setting.

Sparkling with history, the Georgian property, which boasts a whopping 36,680 sq ft of internal floor space, was constructed all the way back in the 1720s, with the estate agents describing it as "one of the finest privately-owned country houses in the South of England".

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With 16 principal-bedroom suites, the house is far too big for the present owners, who are ready to find a smaller property to settle down.

Coming from a long line of esteemed architects, as per John Martin Robinson in Country Life, Thomas Bennet designed the building on the land owned by his family since the 16th Century.

In 1802, in a bid to express imagination and architectural prowess in his own right, his grandson John Benett rebuilt the house adding neo-classic detailing, like Greek lonic for the portico and loggia columns and tripartite Wyatt windows in the side elevations.

Part of Pythouse's charm comes from the high-ground landscape on which the building stands tall.

When the previous owner Evelyn Benett passed away, the Mutual Households Association, later the Country Houses Association (CHA), purchased and repaired the house before turning it into apartments for retired gentlefolk.

But 50 years later, the CHA hit financial turmoil and had to put it on the market, giving Sir Henry Rumbold, who owned the estate, an opportunity to purchase the house.

Subsequently, he bulked it up with 93 acres of mature parkland and farmland, before selling it to the current owners.

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