Pal of adult star Sophie Anderson announces death two weeks after boyfriend died

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    A flurry of tributes have poured in for adult star Sophie Anderson after her friend announced that she had passed away.

    Retired pornstar, Rebecca M Jones wrote on Instagram that she is "devastated hearing the awful news of Sophie’s passing," describing her end as "tragic" but offering no details as to what exactly happened.

    The 36-year-old originally from Bristol recently had bad news when her former Crystal Palace footballer boyfriend Oliver Spedding passed away two weeks ago, aged just 34.

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    His most recent club Croydon FC announced his death in a tribute shared online in late November.

    Sophie became a major name after a video with fellow actress Rebecca – who branded themselves the 'C**k Destroyers' – became hugely popular in 2018.

    Rebecca's tribute to Sophie read: "We shared some amazing times together and that’s how I’m going to remember her.

    "The bubbly, funny, kind hearted soul who was outrageous on the outside but also so gentle behind closed doors.

    "We were very close, and we shared a crazy time together that was totally unique to us. That’s how I will remember her.

    "This is so tragic but I know you are now at peace. I will always always love you and hold a special place in my heart."

    Artist Alexis Stone responded to the post saying: "My condolences, sending love."

    Porn star Danny D added: "Rest in peace."

    Another added: "Sending love to everyone that loved Soph, that girl was so special. I’ve never laughed and cried harder with someone."

    Earlier this year, Sophie was the victim of a cruel hoax claiming she died back in September this year.

    It is understood that the adult content creator's ex-boyfriend Damian Oliver made several posts on social media, which were quickly deleted.

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    These included a picture of his penis, where he asked "Who wants to get f***ed?".

    Around the same time, he claimed that Sophie had taken an overdose and that her funeral was on the following Tuesday at 2pm.

    However, Sophie's friends combatted the post claiming that Sophie was alive and okay.

    Shortly after, Damien retreated on his earlier words and instead claimed that Sophie instead was out of hospital.

    When questioned why he said she was dead and that the funeral had been planned, he responded: “If she doesn’t come back it would be on Tuesday as it's the day she told me to book."

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