Last pic of attendant on Wagner boss jet who told of unexplained hold-up

An "unexplained hold up" to the doomed flight that ultimately killed Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin caused one of the flight attendants to reach out to her family hours before her death.

Prigozhin died in the crash two months after he led a coup against Mad Vlad before it was called off. All 10 people on the plane, including three crew members were killed, Russia ’s emergency ministry said.

One of those who perished was flight attendant Kristina Raspopova, 39, who told her relatives of the unexplained hold-up.

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She also indicated the aircraft was being “repaired” before the flight, according to VChK-OGPU Telegram channel.

Her last picture showed her waiting at an airport cafe, waiting for a call to the aircraft.

A relative of flight attendant Kristina Raspopova told the channel: “She said that she was in Moscow, she was going to fly out, today or tomorrow.

‌“The aircraft was under maintenance or some urgent repairs. They were waiting for the flight. Some kind of maintenance, well nothing special.

‌“They flew in and were about to take off. There was nothing wrong. It seemed like she had been there for a while.

“That is at least a couple of days…”

The relative said: “She said that the flight was domestic. They were waiting for a call when to fly.

“Regarding the maintenance of the aircraft, she said that either it was maintenance, or it was just an aircraft repair, something like that.

“They were waiting for the order to take off…”

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‌The badly charred human remains of the seven passengers and three crew, including Raspopova, were driven away after two black Russian GAZelle came to the crash site at 4:30am.

They departed around 6am, according to reports.

The remains were being taken for examination to a morgue in regional capital Tver.

Wagner militants vowed vengeance in the aftermath of the crash. A video shows Wagner loyalists after the crash.

They say: “There is a lot of talk about what Wagner will do in this situation.

“We will say one thing. We're already starting, wait for us.”

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