UKs creepiest Halloween attraction sees graveyard ghost hunt among mannequins

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    A disturbing collection of mannequins is set to delight Brits looking for a fright or two, with one of the UK's creepiest Halloween attractions now open.

    The "zombie cemetery" by Roz Edwards, 51, has opened its doors to the public for a graveyard ghost hunt, with a spine-chilling selection of items within. The one-of-a-kind experience features the "world's biggest labyrinth of mannequins."

    If that uniquely terrifying statistic is not enough to pique your interest, then perhaps the Cluedo-like game featured on the site will. Dummy owner Roz has now teamed with London Dungeon legend Liam R Findlay to create a new and hair-raising experience.

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    Doom Town, a Mannequin Mystery is open for business, and as its name would indicate, it is filled with clues and puzzles for maze-goers to solve. In their time inside, fright-seekers will be led through dismembered mannequins as they solve a mystery.

    Horror fans were warned to expect more than a few wild surprises inside the ex-military base, now covered in discarded mannequins. Limbs and dismembered bodies were scattered across the park and displayed in sinister poses.

    Roz said of the event: "We've done Halloween events here pretty much every year since 2016, but this one is our very best production yet. It's been an absolute delight to work with Liam on this event.

    "The idea to create this exciting Halloween event came after Liam finished his new paranormal adventure novel, which is all about eerie shop-window dummies. Liam and the creative team at Mannakin Hall have applied all their skills to make the Doom Town event one to remember."

    Not only is it a sight for sore eyes but a smelly one too, with Liam and his crack team of horror experts even conjuring up their own scent for the event. Smelly realism now lingers on for the Doom Town creation.

    Roz added: "I decided to put on a Halloween experience after people who began visiting in the daytime began asking me if it was scary at night. Well this is your chance to find out.

    "I must admit, it is quite eerie when you go through the yard and there are models some without arms, or heads piled up all around you. So we thought it was quite a fitting location for a spooky experience which we believe is quite unique."

    Liam has since spoken on his work for Doom Town, with the "incredibly atmospheric" area lending itself to his and Roz's intentions. Roz had previously set up a business restoring dummies before lending them to TV shows and music videos.

    Author and theme park designer Liam said: "I recently finished my new supernatural novel 'The Doom Town Dummies' where a girl explores a seemingly derelict town of menacing mannequins.

    "When I discovered Mannakin Hall, I jumped at the chance to write an immersive event that's both creepy and entertaining for families and adventurous adults alike. The venue is incredibly atmospheric, with a dose of creepiness you couldn't get from anywhere else."

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