Wagner boss Prigozhin seen for first time since failed coup in brief video

The Wagner Group boss appeared to be speaking from an African country, in his first filmed speech since he ordered his mercenaries to march on Moscow in June.

Although the video, posted to Telegram, appeared to be shot in Africa, Express.co.uk has been unable to verify the precise location.

Wagner troops are understood to be operating in Mali and the Central African Republic (CAR), so it is possible the military chief, once known as ‘Putin’s chef’, is stationed there.

In the video, Prigozhin says Wagner is fighting Islamist militants, criminals, as well as searching for natural resources, such as minerals.

Prigozhin can be heard saying: “We are working. The temperature is +50 – everything as we like. Wagner PMC conducts reconnaissance and search actions, makes Russia even greater on all continents, and Africa even more free.

“Justice and happiness – for the African people, we’re making life a nightmare for ISIS (Islamic State) and Al-Qaeda and other bandits.”

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