World sports development in India

India is an amazing country with a history Dating back thousands of years. This is a country where every new day begins with prayer, the fragrance of incense and flowers. This is a country that few people associate with sports. However, this is an erroneous opinion and the sport among Indians is quite popularized, and along with it, ratting on various sports products.

The formation of sports in India

Sports in India are gaining momentum and developing more and more every year. Along with the development of sports, sport betting also grows and thrives. The country is increasingly hosting various events and playbill for the formation of sports.

For example, since 2011, Formula 1 races have been held annually in India.

And in 2014 Indian athletes even took part in the winter Olympics in Sochi.

Modern and popular sports

  1. Cricket

In India, cricket is played from birth to old age. For Hindus, this sport is comparable to religion. Tickets for cricket matches are bought up as soon as possible. Without sparing money and scoring a job, any Hindu with a clear conscience runs to the stands. And before that, ot is sent to 1xBet bookmaker to make a reference to your favorite team.

  1. Chess

The second most popular sport in India does not require any physical activity. By the way, it was in India that this game was invented and it is from here that one of the principal chess player Viswanathan Anand, who is considered the fastest chess player in the history of this sport.

  1. Football

Next in widespread is football, which is one of the most rife sports not only in India, but also throughout the world. Despite the fact that the Indian national football team is only 147 in the overall ranking, this does not prevent Indians from being active players in football ratting. By the way, it is the football niche on 1xBet India that is the widest and always has a high win rate.

  1. Basketball

The next most popular sport in this country is basketball. Basketball is as popular in India as football, and its bookmaker niche on 1xBet is also “impressive in size”. There are both men’s teams and women’s teams. But the priority is the men’s team, as it is under the wing of the Indian basketball Federation.

  1. Tennis

This sport is quite well-known among urban residents and it is not for nothing that it is reputed aristocratic. Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes are the most famous tennis players in India. Both are idols of youth among the young Indian population. They have a lot of victories in various competitions. The famous tennis player Sania Mirza stands out against their background. She is one of the top thirty rackets in the world.


The population of India is a young generation that tries to join the world of sports and sports ratting in every possible way. And let the sporting achievements of Indians are not as popular as in other countries, but they are there, which means that the country’s sporting future is still ahead.