Braverman warns of forces trying to sabotage Sunaks small boats pledge

Suella Braverman warns of ‘forces’ trying to stop small boats pledge

Suella Braverman hit out at a “range of forces” seeking to block Rishi Sunak’s pledge to stop small boats.

The Home Secretary said the Government is “up against” left-wing lawyers, charities, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), adding that many have “very close links” to Labour.

Asked if it was a mistake for the Prime Minister to promise to end Channel crossings, Mrs Braverman told Sky News: “It’s what the British people expect of us, it’s what I passionately believe is the right thing to do.

“And we are making progress, we’ve passed our landmark legislation.

“But let’s also be clear about what we’re up against.

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“We’re up against a range of forces which are intent on stopping us whether it’s immigration lawyers, charities, NGOs, many of whom have very close links with the Labour Party, operating night and day to stop us from delivering this pledge through legal challenges in the courts, through administering dodgy legal advice to illegal asylum claimants and illegal migrants, through sometimes facilitating illegal migration through their so-called charitable work.

“There’s a range of forces that we are dealing with, including no less than the Labour Party which is intent on stopping us in delivering our pledge.

“The Labour Party has no plan whatsoever stop the boats, they support free movement of people and actually they want to facilitate illegal migration.”

Mr Sunak has staked his premiership on stopping small boats with the issue one of his top five priorities.

More than 19,000 people have made the dangerous journey across the Channel so far this year.

Mrs Braverman also did not rule out a report suggesting the Home Office is considering fitting asylum seekers arriving in the UK via unauthorised means with electronic tags.

She said: “We’ve just enacted a landmark piece of legislation in the form of our Illegal Migration Act.

“That empowers us to detain those who arrive here illegally and thereafter to swiftly remove them to a safe country like Rwanda.”

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Officials are reportedly looking at the measure as a way to prevent migrants who cannot be housed in limited detention sites from absconding.

She said: “We need to exercise a level of control of people if we’re to remove them from the United Kingdom.

“We are considering a range of options. We have a couple of thousand detention places in our existing removal capacity.

“We will be working intensively to increase that but it’s clear we’re exploring a range of options, all options, to ensure that we have that level of control over people so that they can flow through our systems swiftly to enable us to thereafter remove them from the UK.”

Labour was contacted for comment.

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