Murdered girls fugitive father willing to surrender, claims grandfather

The grandfather of a “murdered” little girl in Surrey has said the 10-year-old’s fugitive father, who is on the run in Pakistan, is “willing to surrender”. 

Muhammad Sharif, who lives in Jhelum, 85 miles from the Pakistani capital Islamabad, to where the father fled after his daughter’s death, said he has urged his son to comply with the police investigation. 

Father Urfan Sharif, 41, fled the United Kingdom the day before his daughter was found dead in their home with “multiple, extensive injuries”. 

Imran Sharif, the brother of Urfan who works as a shopkeeper in Jhelum and was visited by the fugitive on August 10, said the suspect had returned to attend the funeral of one of his relatives nearby before fleeing again. 

The little girl’s mother Olga Sharif told The Sun she is “waiting anxiously” for the father of her child to be arrested in Pakistan. 

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Urfan Sharif is believed to have fled the country on August 9 with his partner, Beinash Batool, 29, and his brother Faisal Milik, 28. 

He then called 999 from Islamabad, from where there is no official extradition treaty with UK, though offenders in the past have been returned to stand trial.

Surrey detectives have since been unable to establish how his 10-year-old daughter was killed but a message found at Sara’s home claimed she was battered to death by a person known to her family.

Said to have been written by a relative, it reportedly says: “Whoever sees this, it was [name] who killed [Sara] by beating. I am running away because I am scared.”

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A post-mortem also found she suffered “multiple, extensive injuries, likely to have been caused over a sustained and extended period”.

Surrey Police said they had interacted with Sara’s family for “some years”.

Grandfather Muhammad Sharif urged his son, his son’s partner and the brother to cooperate with the authorities. 

Speaking from the family home in Jhelum, Muhammad Sharif, 68, told The Mirror: “As far as I know, my son and his wife are willing to surrender and they will do so soon.

“I want them to surrender soon as because of the police raids and investigations all of my family is in deep trouble. I don’t know where they are but I can tell that they are not in Jhelum.”

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He spoke after Jhelum police chief Nasir Bajwa said he expected to find the suspects soon. 

He said on Saturday (August 26): “With God’s will we will make the arrest by tomorrow night.” 

Sources said police raided at least one address in Mirpur, Kashmir, on Saturday but the suspects were not found. It is understood the police hunt is focusing on Mirpur where Batool’s family home is situated.

Taxi-driver Sharif and Batool, as well as Malik, who was living in the UK on a student visa , bought one-way tickets to Pakistan worth £5,000 before fleeing on August 9. Accompanying them were five children, aged between a year and 13.

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