Death squad of 5,000 terrorist fighters planning copycat Hamas raid on Israel

A death squad of 5,000 terrorists from the Hezbollah group based in Lebanon are reportedly about to try and launch a copycat assault on Israel.

According to The Mirror and other sources from inside Israel, Hezbollah's Radwan 125 unit has already been trained on how to destroy Israel's tight security in the area, nearly two weeks after Hamas terrorists did the same thing on the Gaza border – slaughtering around 1,100 Israelis in the process. And shockingly, it is thought that the master plan for the group is to snatch more hostages from Israel, take them back through Lebanon and across another border on the other side to Iran, which funds the group.

A video made by Hezbollah, found by the Alma Research and Education Centre shows Hezbollah’s Radwan unit performing training drills in preparation for the attack. The video claims: “Hezbollah has 5,000 trained and experienced fighters to carry out genocide in northern Israel.

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“Seen here is Hezbollah’s operational map describing how they plan to conquer and erase communities in northern Israel. The Radwan unit’s main mission is to infiltrate into Israel and take over Galilee. A mass infiltration by land air and sea. (They will perform a) massive ground attack on northern Israel – hundreds of Hezbollah terrorists took part in what they described as a military manoeuvre.”

It also claims that the terror group could launch an “even worse massacre” than the one that sparked a war in the region just 10 days ago. An Israeli security source said: “They were practising this exact manoeuvre back in May and they even made this video of themselves doing it.

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“These are highly-trained soldiers, with battlefield experience in Syria and the world needs to wake up to the Iran threat- because that’s where it is coming from. The authorities in Israel did not believe Hamas was capable of launching an air, sea and land attack – do you expect these commandos, trained by Iran are less able?”

Not much is know about the 125 unit, or what the number 125 signifies, but it is known to be Hezbollah's most elite force, trained mainly by Iran.

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