Hamas terror cells roaming Israel waiting to launch deadly strikes

Israeli Navy destroy Hamas boat and attack terrorists in sea

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) issued a chilling warning on Wednesday, revealing the presence of active Hamas terror cells hiding in the Negev region.

According to IDF intel, these cells are biding their time, waiting for the opportune moment to launch attacks on civilians.

Breaking the news, the Jerusalem Post wrote: “There are still Hamas terror cells roaming the Negev region and waiting to come out of their hiding spots and attack civilians, according to an assessment made by the IDF on Wednesday morning.”

It comes as a massive explosion at a hospital in Gaza City killed hundreds of people Tuesday, Hamas said, after intensifying bombardments near towns in southern Gaza rattled civilians where Israel had ordered them to take refuge.

Hamas attributed the blast to an Israeli airstrike, but the Israeli military said it was not involved and the explosion was caused by a misfired Palestinian rocket.

Hamas’ military wing also said an Israeli airstrike on a refuge camp killed a top Hamas commander.



  • IDF releases recording of alleged call between Hamas operatives08:32
  • IDF reads transcript of alleged audio by Hamas terrorists 08:28
  • Gaza airstrike kills ten members of one family – including two-month-old baby

    Ten members of a Palestinian family, including a baby aged just two months, were killed in a single airstrike, a devastated relative has said.

    Wafaa Shamallakh, who works for Kingston Council as an interpreter, made her shocking revelation during an interview with Sky News in which she claimed to have lost a total of 16 people so far this month.

    IDF releases recording of alleged call between Hamas operatives

    The recording of an alleged intercepted phone call between two purported Hamas members saying the rocket fired by PIJ fell short of Israel and landed on al-Ahli al-Mamdani Hospital in Gaza City.

    IDF reads transcript of alleged audio by Hamas terrorists

    The IDF spokesperson has read out a transcript of an alleged audio between two Hamas officials following the explosion at the al-Ahli al-Mamdani Hospital in Gaza.

    He said the group “decided to launch a global media campaign” to hide PIJ’s responsibility for the attack.

    Scholz ‘horrified’ by hospital attack

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed solidarity with the families of the victims in Gaza saying he was “horrified by images of the explosion” at the al-Ahli hospital.

    Al-Shifa Hospital operating at minimum capacity

    The Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza Strip says it is operating at minimum capacity after a rocket hit the al-Ahli hospital on Tuesday.

    Ambulances and private cars rushed some 350 casualties from the al-Ahli blast to Gaza Cityโ€™s main hospital, al-Shifa, which was already overwhelmed with wounded from other strikes, said its director, Mohammed Abu Selmia. The wounded were laid onto bloody floors, screaming in pain.

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