Putin to hold nuclear exercise as documents warn of conflicts escalating

Russian officials confirmed they would hold a nationwide "nuclear exercise" in the coming days as the chances of the radioactive weapon being used is "escalating".

Documents from the Vladimir Putin-headed country confirmed the plans are in place for an October 3 test. The first nationwide nuclear attack exercise will see 11 separate time zones preparing for potential nuclear war.

The one-day nuclear attack exercise, which has only been done region by region up to this point, is set to expect a 70% destruction tally of Russian homes and integral life support systems. The scenario assumes martial law would be taken in the event of an attack.

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A test scenario document has since been leaked, warning the Russian Federation is expecting "hazards" from "increasing" worries over nuclear escalation. Their tests are set to figure out how "complete destruction" would affect the country.

The report read: "In some constituent entities [regions] of the Russian Federation, as a result of emergencies or other types of physical impact, complete destruction of life support facilities and up to 70% of the housing stock is possible".

Said testing will, according to the Russian scientists hosting the experiment, show "accidents at hydraulic structures, chemically and radiation hazardous facilities resulting in 'secondary hazards'."

Regional officials and civil servants would be given powers to organise "emergency rescue teams" while also being given a say in protection against radioactive materials. It is also believed they would hold power over food and medical supplies, Metro reported.

The report continued: "The risk of armed conflicts escalating into local and regional wars, including those involving nuclear powers, is increasing. The threat to the safety of the population is posed by the risk of the use by a possible by the enemy of modern long-range means of defeat, as well as possible attacks using unmanned aerial and watercraft."

Details of the drill show it will be held four days before Putin turns 71, with the warmonger so far splashing 40% of the country's budget on military intelligence services, police force additions and the army.

In the event of nuclear warfare, it is believed Putin has his very own collection of private bunkers as well as a fleet of "Doomsday" drones which could see him evade the conflict. The Putin regime is carrying out the tests to "develop measures aimed at increasing the readiness of civil defence forces" in a time of nuclear conflict.

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